Steak and kidney top of pie list

Steak and kidney pies are Britain’s pie of choice, according to manufacturer Pukka Pies.

The company said that steak and kidney pies account for 32.6% of its total sales, with chicken and mushroom pies (26.5%), steak pies (18.1%) and minced steak and onion (17.8%) next on the list.

Co-managing director Tim Storer said: “Steak and kidney was the very first flavour of pie produced by my father when he set up the company 49 years ago. We’re delighted to say that it is just as popular today as it always has been. Throughout all the regions in Britain, steak and kidney is our number one seller.”

Pukka Pies makes in excess of 60m pies a year, and expects to make 1.2m pies this week in celebration of British Pie Week (5-11 March).
Storer added: “We’ve seen tremendous growth in the sale of our pies and it is clear that the British pie is a very important, wholesome and enjoyable part of our national diet.”

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