Unisan brings vehicle cleaner to UK

A German manufacturer has launched a mechanical cleaning device for forklift and warehouse trucks, which removes 90% of the accumulated transport dirt, grit and contamination from the tyres. It is now available in the UK from hygiene solutions company Unisan.

The ProfilGate patented system cleans tyres treads, wheels and shoes automatically when positioned at a drive-through gate at the warehouse or production room’s entrance. It comprises a series of roll-on roll-off plates with galvanised gratings, set with strips of differently angled brushes above a stainless steel tray.

When embedded in the floor at ground level, the cleaning field rises only 45mm high and can be accessed via flat ramps. As the truck drives over ProfilGate, the weight of the vehicle forces the brushes to automatically clean the wheels, trapping any dirt, grit and moisture in the tray underneath. 

In wet weather, the brushes have a drying effect, which helps to reduce cleaning costs even more. A wet version is available, which sanitises wheels and footwear, making it suitable for reducing bacteria risks, as well as increasing levels of cleanliness. 
The grating plates can be easily removed from the tray in order to clean both parts and prevent the accumulation of dirt affecting the movement of the brush strips. The manufacturer says this should be done roughly every six to eight weeks, depending on how heavily it is used.

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