Unitherm rolls out world’s smallest spiral oven

Small to medium-sized processors and ready-to-eat meal producers are increasingly focusing production on mini and micro-spiral ovens which can offer an affordable alternative to larger, continuous cooking lines. 

Unitherm Food Systems offers the world’s smallest spiral oven, which 
has a footprint of 7’x 7’x 5.5’ and a 
12” belt, which runs to 60 linear feet. A single micro spiral oven has the equivalent throughput of approximately three batch ovens. The temperature range goes up to 495˚F (255˚C), while touchscreen controls allow processors to edit and store multiple recipes.

They can be programmed to roast, steam, bake, broil or even pasteurise ready-meals. There is also an in-line belt cleaner. 
Although they are as flexible as small conventional batch ovens, spiral ovens can provide more consistent cooking results than products cooked on racks, the company claims.

Each one travels through the conveyor belt and is therefore subjected to exactly the same cooking conditions in terms of temperature, airflow, humidity and cooking time. 
“As a meat product cooks in the spiral oven, it bastes from tier to tier,” says Unitherm’s international sales manager Adam Cowherd. “This basting improves yield and product quality. Each product has the potential to pick up juices that are falling from the tier above. The end result is better yield, appearance and quality that is very appealing to food processors.”

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