New shrink tunnel to save energy

VC999 has launched a new shrink tunnel, which it claims offers excellent energy efficiency. The VC999 ST2 shrink tunnel is a fully automatic in-line spray tunnel, which uses a hot water cascade to shrink the packaging.

The company claims the machine, which can be attached to any vacuum packer, is energy-saving because it re-circulates water and does not require compressed air. Additionally, the machine is fitted with photocell detection, which enables it to turn itself on and off, allowing an economic shower process.

It can also be manually turned off and used as a conveyor where required, allowing continuous throughput and cost-effective shrinking of large production volumes. VC999's Martin Howells said the machine was also easy to clean, thanks to its auto decalcification system. "The machine empties the water, then refills it using a filter," he explained. "Usually you would have to do that process manually."

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