Seymour looks behind Green Door for solution

Seymour Manufacturing (SM) claims its Green Door could revolutionise cold rooms all over the country.

Under development for two-and-a-half years, the Green Door was installed in the cold store of a leading food retailer in 2009 and helped save energy while maintaining temperature.

However, SM says it is not the door itself that is revolutionary rather the fact that it can be installed without a night door.

Brian Seymour, chairman of SM and developer of the Green Door, believes the night door is an expensive piece of equipment to maintain and is loathed by staff who have to open and close the heavy door each time they go into the cold room. Seymour said: "Our driving objective is to design products that not only save our customers significant amounts of money and reduce their carbon production, but which are also appealing to the end-user. Simply, a non-user-friendly product will be ignored or misused. It needs to be easy to use and attractive. Our research has shown that the night door, so often considered essential, is one of the most hated pieces of equipment in current use."

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