Eblex launches initiative to reduce water

Eblex has launched its second part of ‘Testing the Water’, a project aimed to reduce the use of blue water on farms and reveal wastage statistics.

The project shows that producing 1kg of beef uses 67 litres of valuable blue water, which is taken out of the available supply. Additionally, 49 litres is used to produce 1kg of sheep meat.

Eblex has finished the first stage of the project, which aims to teach beef and sheep farmers proper feed crop choice and management to improve water use efficiency.

Eblex head of research and development Kim Matthews said: “The water footprint of beef and lamb reared in the UK is already much lower than that produced in many other parts of the world, as our rain-fed pasture system takes advantage of naturally-occurring water, much of which goes back into water courses.”

The project will investigate methods for retaining water on-farm and reducing run-off. This will reduce the volume of grey water required.

Matthews added: “However, there is still more that can be done to conserve water at a farm level, which has benefits not only in terms of environmental impact, but also offers potential cost savings to producers and makes farms more resilient to periods of drought.”

The project will be completed by the end of this year, with advice on how beef and sheep producers can reduce their ‘water footprint’.

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