Former World Scotch Pie champion wins new category

Paul Boyle, from Boghall Butchers, West Lothian, has won the Scotch Pie Club Awards’ first apple pie contest.

The winners’ presentation was held last week in Dunfermline.

Paul said: “Being a new category, I was absolutely delighted that butchers won it, because apple pies are a massive thing in the baking industry – it is the next thing to a Scotch pie in significance. So I was delighted to win that.”

Paul claimed that the whole community in Boghall had taken an interest in the apple pie. “The customers have been asking over the past few days when the results were coming out. The type of community that it is will mean they will share our delight.

“I don’t know how we will keep up with the supply, but we said that about the Scotch pie many years ago and we managed then, so we will do the same with the apple pie,” he said.

The apple pie award was just one of seven for Boghall Butchers at the Scotch Pie Club Awards. The firm also won prizes for its sausage rolls, bridies, steak pies, fish, and cold savouries.

Boghall Butchers has recently opened a second shop in Broxburn.

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