Book claims to expose 'true cost of cheap meat'

Campaigners have launched a new book which claims to expose the “true cost of cheap meat” and act as a “wake-up call” for consumers.

The book, entitled ‘Farmageddon’, has been co-written by Compassion in World Farming chief executive Philip Lymbery and the Sunday Times’ political editor Isabel Oakenshott and describes itself as a “groundbreaking examination of the quiet revolution of mega-farming, which is threatening our countryside, farms and food”.

In a press release to mark the launch, the publishers, Bloomsbury, said: “Supported by shocking statistics, Farmageddon reveals the human cost of mega-farming and is both a wake-up call to change our current food production and eating practices and an attempt to find a way to a better farming future.”

The book has attracted support from fellow campaigners, including the actress and committed vegeterian Joanna Lumley. She described the book as: “A devastating indictment of cheap meat and factory farming. Don’t turn away: it demands and deserves the widest possible audience.”

However, the book has been dismissed by UK meat leaders. Nick Allen, sector director with Eblex, said: “The picture of livestock farming painted by this book bears little or no resemblance to the farming systems routinely used for beef and sheep in England. It is therefore difficult to give it credibility as a commentary on the beef and lamb we produce.”

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