Cranswick pulls out of DAPP

Cranswick PLC has announced that it has dropped out of the Dead Weight Average Pig Price (DAPP) sample.

As a historical price reporting survey, DAPP includes data on weight, probe, sex and price of their weekly kill.

In the first sample after Cranswick pulled out of the scheme, the DAPP consisted of 30% fewer pigs than the previous sample.

“The DAPP went out this week without Cranswick and the sample was about 78,000 pigs,” said Bpex head of knowledge transfer and communications Andrew Knowles. “In previous weeks, when Cranswick was part of it, the sample would have been between 110,000 and 115,000, so it is smaller now, but still very representative,” he added.

Bpex explained that the companies/abattoirs voluntarily contributing to the DAPP price reporting survey are H G Blake, Cheale Meats, F A Gill, Tulip, Karro, Dunbia, Woodhead Bros and Lamberts.

Knowles added: “Cranswick pulled out, but now we have to see how the other partners in the DAPP react.”

In a press release, Bpex added: “Bpex would like to take this opportunity to thank Cranswick Country Foods for their participation in the DAPP since it was established in May 2003.”

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