April arrives at 2 Sisters

April Preston, former head of food product development at Marks & Spencer, has been appointed as innovation director at 2 Sisters Food Group.

Preston, who managed new product ranges at Marks & Spencer, has a clear message in her newly-created role – if you do not innovate, you risk failure.

She said: “The risk of not innovating is far greater than the risks associated with innovating. As the quote goes: ‘If you don’t invent the future, someone else will.’

“I’m joining 2 Sisters at a very exciting time following a period of rapid growth and acquisition. In today’s highly competitive landscape and with significant market share across so many categories, innovation is the lifeblood of future growth and success. We must lead the way in developing distinctive points of difference and unique product propositions to set ourselves apart from competitors and appeal to both our customers and consumers.”

Preston’s appointment is the latest in a string of new senior arrivals as a part of a restructure, following the food group’s vastly expanded operations.

“Our CEO, Ranjit Singh, is a natural and talented entrepreneur who is decisive and not afraid to take a risk. What better foundation can there be for creating and supporting an innovation-based growth strategy. I’m confident and excited about the future for 2 Sisters,” she said.

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