Egg industry warns butchers over display dangers

The British Egg Industry Council has written to leading butchers’ organisations warning them of the dangers of storing eggs in window displays.

The council said that the quality of eggs can be degraded by fluctuating temperatures caused by direct sunlight. It added that if eggs containing salmonella were stored incorrectly, the bacteria would multiply rapidly.

While the risks are higher in summer, British Eggs said that there can even be issues in the winter months when there is direct sunlight on the shop window.

British Lion eggs have been tested extensively for salmonella, but there is still a risk from non-Lion imported eggs.

The council recommended buying British Lion eggs, ensuring eggs are date-stamped, storing them at a constant temperature below 20°C, keeping them dry and out of direct sunlight, and taking care when storing trays on top of each other as this may cause the eggs to crack.

British Egg Industry Council chairman Andrew Joret said: “It is good practice to store eggs at a consistent, cool temperature. While we appreciate that it looks nice to have eggs in the window, this is not a good idea, particularly in hot temperatures. It is essential, to ensure egg quality, that butchers take steps to store and display eggs correctly.”

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