Eblex gets behind new beef cuts

Eblex is promoting its new beef cut development programme in an attempt to counteract declining beef consumption in the home.

Mike Whittemore, head of trade marketing at Eblex, spoke at the Eblex processor conference to promote the implementation of a new range of beef roasting and stewing cuts into the UK market. The Beefplan is aimed at increasing the consumption of beef, with sales dropping, due mainly to increasing prices. The consumption of stewing cuts is down 19% year on year, according to Eblex.

Whittemore, speaking at the conference in Stratford-upon-Avon, discussed the new innovative cuts ahead of a lunch where delegates were given the opportunity to taste a number of the products. A beef rump bistro, a centre cut steak, a Denver steak and a tri-tip steak were served at the meal in the Stratford Manor Hotel

The plan involves innovation in both the forequarter and the hindquarter. In the former, cuts promoted include Denver steaks and flat iron steaks, and in the latter bistro steaks and picanha roast portions.

Whittemore said: “The Beefplan is driven from the consumption fall of beef in its entirety, but moreover the two categories of roast and stewing. So what we’ve done in that context is look at how we can affect and cause the market into buying into that category again.

“The roast category, for example, is 4% down this year; people just aren’t buying the bigger roasts and they’re looking for an alternative. We’ve come up with a raft of cuts that use a modern method of selling meat through – no gristle, limited fat and based at the £6-£9 price point, which makes them attractive for consumers.”  

Marketing initiatives were also outlined, with the cuts fitting into ranges like Steak Bar, The Carvery, Chop House and Gourmet Burgers.

Another aim of the Beefplan is to expand the premium mince market. A big part of this is the premium burger market – adding value and increasing quality with rump and chuck burgers.

An update of the Lambplan was also detailed, focusing on cuts that maximise carcase value. As part of the lunch, delegates were able to taste a lamb rib eye joint. 

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