Environmentalists to launch Meat Free May

Not content with meat-free Mondays, environmental campaigners have launched a campaign to encourage consumers to sign up to a whole month of meat abstinence with the launch of Meat Free May.

The campaign, launched by Friends of the Earth, calls for younger consumers to give up eating meat and fish for the entire month of May.

According to the Friends of the Earth website: "Our dietary choices are changing our natural environments beyond recognition. Meat and dairy production is responsible for 14.5% of all global greenhouse gas emissions and overfishing is damaging our marine ecosystems.

"It would be better for ourselves and the planet if we ate less meat and fish, and a more plant-based diet. To show you that it is more than possible to reduce your consumption, Young Friends of the Earth is challenging you to cut out meat and fish from your diet for an entire month."

Stephen Rossides, British Meat Processors Association (BMPA) director, said: "While it is  fashionable for certain groups to promote 'Meat Free' days or even months,  it is also very important to remind people of the many proven positive nutritional benefits of eating red meat as part of a balanced diet".  

The campaign not only aims to alter younger consumers eating habits, but also hopes to act as a fundraising scheme for the organisation. It urges younger consumers to visit its website and sign up for the scheme.

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