Poultry council targets manifesto at would-be Euro MPs

The British Poultry Council (BPC) has asked candidates for the May European Parliamentary elections to consider 12 priorities for next term, to help the UK poultry industry to grow and ensure food security.

The BPC said that since legislation made in Europe dominates the regulatory environment for food in Britain, the 12 priorities in their manifesto would make for a stronger poultry industry. The council has asked the candidates to respond to this manifesto.

The priorities are spread over four key themes – food quality, sustainable production, animal health and welfare, and EU and the global marketplace.

Poultry is an important part of the European economy; in 2012 the EU-27 produced 12.9 million tonnes of poultry meat, employed an estimated 303,000 people and had a production value of €32 billion, according to a BPC report.

The UK market is second only to France in terms of poultry meat production, so the BPC wants candidates to carry measures of support and protection into the next term to maintain and grow the health of the industry.

In the manifesto, BPC chief executive Andrew Large said: “The make-up of the next European Parliament will greatly influence the future regulatory environment and the ability of both the UK and the rest of Europe to have secure food supplies.

“The population of the UK is forecast to increase by 10 million in the next 16 years and the world’s population will grow to over 9 billion in the same period. There will undoubtedly be greater competition for scarce food resources and as food banks are already a reality, action is required to ensure food security. We seek a Britain where affordable food is produced by a sustainable food and farming sector.

“We ask all the candidates for these elections to respond to the 12 priorities raised in this manifesto by declaring how they will work for a stronger and more vibrant poultry industry in the UK.”

For more information on the manifesto, go to www.britishpoultry.org.uk

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