Kebab town seeks PGI status

A campaign has been launched which claims the rightful birthplace of the doner kebab is actually within the UK – Doncaster, in fact.

While the doner kebab, the perennial favourite post-pub snack, was traditionally thought to have originated in Turkey, a campaign has now been launched to gain Protected Geographical Indicator status for the meat snack to be only produced in the Yorkshire town of Doncaster.

Steve Waring, the director of the Doncaster Doner Association, said the campaign, which was being funded by local takeaways around the town, was aiming to restore the history of the kebab.

He said: “Most people think the doner is a delicacy of Turkish origin, but nothing could be further from the truth. The key is in the name – doner. It was a kebab created by a local butcher, John Higgins, who was looking for a way to sell his lamb trim and hit on the idea of processing it into one large lump that could be cooked in a hog-roaster – hence the kebab was born and its nickname, doner, came from the town of Doncaster.”

Waring has now applied for EU recognition and an application has been made for PGI status, which is under consideration by EU officials.

He added: “We’d love to restore the true story of the doner kebab and perhaps wrestle back some prestige from Istanbull.”

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