Report details importance of poultry to British economy

The British poultry industry contributes £3.3 billion gross to the UK GDP and supports 73,200 jobs, according to a report.

The analysis by Oxford Economics, commissioned by the British Poultry Council (BPC), has revealed the figures, showing the industry supported £1bn in total tax payable to the Exchequer.

According to ‘Economic Impact Assessment: the British Poultry Industry 2013’, British consumers buy more poultry than any other meat. The study also said that, by weight, poultry makes up around half of all meat purchased in the UK.

Andrew Large, BPC chief executive, said: “The poultry industry’s first Economic Impact Assessment makes clear its importance to UK Plc. Members of the BPC produce the UK’s favourite meat, with millions of families consuming their wholesome and nutritious produce on a daily basis. We are confident that consumer demand will remain strong and endeavour to continue to supply healthy and high-quality food, at an affordable price.”

The assessment also shows that, since 2008, with an increase of just 23%, poultry prices have risen more slowly than beef (51%) and lamb (54%) prices, and more slowly than food prices in general (29%).

Responding to the study, farming minister George Eustice MP said: “The poultry meat industry is very important to Britain. Poultry is an affordable and tasty source of protein enjoyed by families across the country. It is more popular than beef, lamb and fish combined, and has become increasingly popular in recent times.

“But the poultry meat industry is important, not just because of the food it provides to our nation. As detailed throughout this report, the industry is a significant contributor to UK growth and skills.”

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