Harper Adams to set up taste test panel for meat

Harper Adams University is looking to recruit sensory panel members, who will be paid to taste meat.

Shropshire’s first university wants candidates from the local area to take part in controlled taste tests for clients’ meat-based products.

There will be an initial unpaid test at Harper Adams to establish the suitability of candidates. If they pass, they will be trained and become panel members and asked to attend client taste-testing when required.

Head of department of food science and agri-food supply chain management, Professor Ralph Early, said: “After training has taken place, panel members will be registered as part of our long-term sensory panel. This will involve tasting meat products, initially pork, and then explaining the quality descriptors of the samples, such as texture, odour and taste.

“We already have a project waiting to test pork products, so it is crucial that we get people on board as soon as possible.”

Each panel member will be paid £180 for training, followed by an hourly rate for taste-testing.

For more information contact Shaun Taylor at smtaylor@harper-adams.ac.uk

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