Infographic: Risk assessment vs risk management

After the tasks of risk assessment and risk management were separated a decade ago to strengthen Europe’s food safety, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has released an explanation of the differences, seeking to dispel any uncertainty.

The authority outlined the differences: “Risk assessors provide independent scientific advice on potential threats in the food chain. Risk managers use this advice as a basis for making decisions to address these issues.”

It added that the division was created to make a clear distinction between politics and science, and to place independent science-based assessment at the heart of policy-making.

Working within an EU-wide network, EFSA said it was the principal risk assessor in Europe, evaluating threats associated with the food chain, whereas the risk managers are the European Commission, member state authorities and the European Parliament. These managers develop policies and make laws based on EFSA’s scientific advice.

The EFSA infographic below shows the relationship in more detail.

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