Eblex hosts French butchers’ visit

Eblex hosted top French butchers on a trip that has highlighted the quality of British butchery training.

The trip was attended by prestigious butchers, such as Laurent Courte from the National French Butchery School, in Paris and Louis Besnier from the training committee of the Confédération Française de la Boucherie et de la Charcuterie Traditionnelle (CFBCT). The butchers visited British caterers and independent butchers where they were shown training programmes currently in place for British butchers.

The trip was organised to help share the best practices in the industry, following the success of Eblex’s Meat Purchasing Guide and Cuts Development Guide, which have been translated into French. Around 60% of standard quality British lamb exports already head to France, but Eblex wishes to strengthen ties over the channel.

Dick Van Leeuwen, Eblex businessdevelopment manager for trade marketing said: “Showcasing Quality Standard beef and lamb to trade professionals and consumers alike is a key part of Eblex’s work in France. As a direct result of the interest in the manuals Eblex produces, we were asked to host our guests, and to give them an insight into how our development work is put into practice.

“The visit proved to be a great success and our guests left with plenty of food for thought. They will be able to share new information with butchers across the Channel on meat purchasing and alternative cuts and how best to utilise the full carcase.”

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