Eblex brochure to back mini roasts

Eblex has launched a new brochure for its carvery range of mini lamb and beef roasting joints.

The brochure, ‘New Carvery Mini Joints: Quick, Tasty, Modern’, features Eblex’s carvery range that has been trialled in the foodservice sector, including cuts such as rump bistro muscle and lamb rib-eye joint. Research by Eblex has shown that sales of smaller cuts of meat were up compared with more traditional roasting joints, which it said was the result of smaller families, busier schedules and an increase in the dining-for-two market.

Mike Whittemore, head of trade marketing for Eblex, said: “The smaller joints in the carvery range are ideal for midweek meals as the cooking time required has been significantly reduced. In addition, the mini roasts are versatile enough to be used in a variety of ways; each cut is a distinctly different texture, and flavour can be enhanced by adding herbs or aromatic rubs and marinades.”

With the new, smaller range, Eblex aims to provide better value for money and help reduce food waste, while helping to provide better returns throughout the supply chain.

Michelin-star chef Nigel Howarth, who is helping to promote the brochure, said: “I’ve recently introduced the new range of beef and lamb mini roasts onto my menus and the outcome has been very positive. The mini roasts provide versatile new meal options for diners; they’re great for sharing platters, which is an interesting alternative to the traditional Sunday roast and they are also perfect for diners who prefer smaller joints. They offer better portion control, as they are not overfacing and provide great value for money.”

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