Muddy Boots steps into retail

Meat brand Muddy Boots has opened its first meat shop in Crouch End after turning down a lucrative Tesco deal last year.

Muddy Boots, owned by Miranda and Roland Ballard, already sells products through Ocado and Waitrose, but decided to open its first shop for a more “personal shopping experience”, said Miranda.

The couple declined a costly deal with Tesco last year as it offered the “wrong type of growth” for the brand. Instead, the owners wanted to be a part of the customer experience: “We noticed the huge potential not just for meat to come back to the high street, but for shoppers to come in and have a chat about the meat,” Miranda explained.   

Muddy Boots told Meatinfo its shop will not compete with local butchers, but rather boost their trade by inviting customers to visit the butchers for cuts of meat they do not provide. “We are not competing with the two local butchers in Crouch End; there still remains a massive place for traditional butchery in this country. What Muddy Boots offers people is an alternative to cheaper, less traceable meat in supermarkets.”

“So many people have butchers’ guilt – ‘I should go to the butcher’. But what they mean is they have a contract to animal welfare and animal husbandry,” Miranda continued: “What we are offering to customers is... let us do the work and uphold their side of the contract.”

The shop offers prepared meat products, such as burgers – a pack of two quarter-pounders for £3.49, oven meat loaf for £4.49, and 10oz sirloin steak for £6.90. Muddy Boots started as a burger brand, but has recently started making its own sausages which are sold in the shop, priced between £3.50-£4. “Although we offer cuts of meat, 70% of our sales come from prepared or cured meat,” Miranda added.

The Crouch End shop also offers a wine bar for customers until 10pm on Wednesday to Sunday, where cooked products and charcuterie-style meat will be offered, alongside a glass of wine.

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