UK pork exports on the up

Bpex has reported record pork export figures as China becomes a high performing market for British pork.

The March figures show pork exports are up 13% on the same month last year, at just over 18,200 tonnes. Offal exports also excelled, reaching a record high of 2,600 tonnes.

Exports to China contributed to over 5,000 tonnes of the total exports as Bpex export manager Jean-Pierre Garnier explained: “The exports to China are a massive figure bearing in mind that market has not been open to us for very long. There has been some very good growth and the overall figure is evidence of the global demand for British pork is strong.

“We are benefiting from a favourable market but the commitment of British exporters has been exemplary. For instance, six exporters attended a very busy in SIAL Shanghai this week and we are back next month to Beijing. Even this week, we are holding discussions in Nigeria. Pork was exported to 30 countries and territories in the period. To complete the picture, the prices achieved by our processors on export markets have also risen strongly. Exports are definitely making a major contribution to the renewed health of the sector.”

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