Tulip joins campaign to combat worker exploitation

Meat manufacturer Tulip is the latest company to join the Stronger Together campaign to combat worker exploitation, human trafficking and forced labour.

Stronger Together aims to attract over 1,000 farms, food producers and labour suppliers. The initiative was set up by associations including the British Retail Consortium, Gangmaster’s Licensing Authority, the Association of Labour Providers and charity Migrant Help. It has also gained sponsorship from major supermarkets such as The Co-operative, Marks and Spencers, Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Waitrose.  

David Camp, Stronger Together programme coordinator, said: “We warmly welcome Tulip to the Stronger Together network. Tackling human trafficking for labour exploitation requires a collaborative approach to raise awareness and support employers and recruitment businesses in dealing with this growing scourge in supply chains.”

Tulip employ 7,500 people in the UK across 17 sites and is owned by The Danish Crown Group, Europe’s largest pork producer.

Kirsty Wilkins, group HR director at Tulip, said: “I believe the vast majority of food manufacturers are extremely vigilant to any issues relating to exploitation in the workplace however we simply cannot be complacent about such an important matter.

“As one of the largest employers in the UK food manufacturing sector Tulip has an important role to play in supporting Stronger Together to ensure that, as an industry, we are doing everything in our power to tackle all aspects of labour exploitation.

“We have found the resources provided on the Stronger2gether.org website extremely useful in terms of driving awareness of this issue across all 17 of our operating locations. We have also updated our new starter induction programme, reviewed and amended our labour provider service level agreements and audit processes and updated our Ethical and Responsible Sourcing Policy in line with the Stronger Together shared best practice guidelines.”

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