Fodder on track for £10m turnover

Fodder, the butcher’s, farmshop and café in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, is to celebrate its fifth birthday, as well as financial success.

The shop, which was set up by the Yorkshire Agricultural Society (YAS) in the wake of foot-and-mouth disease, is on track to make a turnover of £10m. All profits from the shop go back into the charity, which helps to improve and promote agriculture in the region.  

The shop reported that butchery sales are performing well, but Heather Parry, deputy chief executive of YAS, said consumer behaviour had changed since the horsemeat scandal last year, when their beef sales almost doubled by 47%: “We’ve got a lot of customers from that period who still come, but a lot have slipped back into going to the supermarkets and that’s interesting. We will never be the cheapest, but we sell the best at a reasonable price.”

Parry said local food should also be affordable: “There’s a real surge of interest in local food and it’s about people knowing where to get it, and also about making it affordable. There was a perception that it was very expensive, and actually it shouldn’t be any more expensive.”

There is now scope for Fodder to open a second shop, which Parry commented on: “If we can help more suppliers by doing more in different areas, it’s all to play for, and I think in the next couple of years there’ll be another one. But we need to be very careful, because we don’t want to damage any independent shops or farm shops in another area.”

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