Aldi set to offer Wagyu steaks

Budget supermarket Aldi will now add Wagyu beef steaks from New Zealand to its growing range of premium meats.  

The supermarket reported that sales of their Specially Selected fresh meat range are up 60% in the past month and today (4 June) announced it will add Wagyu beef to the line-up.

The cuts of Wagyu Aldi are offering include; Rib Eye Beef Steak – £6.99, 8oz, 227g; Sirloin Beef Steak – £6.99, 8oz, 227g; Wagyu (Kobe) Beef Sirloin Steak – £21.95, 220g; Wagyu (Kobe) Beef Rib Eye Steak – £26.00, 220g.

Aldi posted good results for its end-of-year review last year, which is set to continue as the big four supermarkets struggle to keep up with the discounters. The supermarket said in a statement that the introduction of Wagyu beef will further challenge their competitors: “The Specially Selected Wagyu beef rib eye and sirloin steaks, which is famously known as the best beef in the world, will be available at Aldi for only £6.99, compared with other retailers who charge in excess of £20.”

Tony Baines, managing director of corporate buying at Aldi, said, “At Aldi our shoppers love to try out lots of specialist products, and Wagyu is no exception. This summer, our shoppers are looking to buy the finest fresh meat, so the steaks fill a real gap in the market.”

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