Video: Bpex Barbecue Roadshow

Bpex took to the road with its Barbecue Roadshow 2014 last month, demonstrating how chefs and caterers can make the most of different pork cuts on the barbecue.

Meat Trades Journal went along to the London stopping point of the tour, at The Ship Inn in Wandsworth, to see three time UK barbecue champion Andy Annat in action.

Annat demonstrated how different cuts, such as pork collar steaks, loin steaks and whole pork shoulder - "which will take anything from 10-14 hours on the barbecue if done correctly" - could be used on the barbecue in new and inventive ways, including how to produce succulent barbecued pork meat which can be pulled apart and served in baps.

He made, what he called, St Clement’s pork, by using oranges and lemons as barbecue fuel, and also suggested injecting meat with bourbon, or other alcohol, to keep it moist and add to the flavour profile of the meat. You could also use fruit juice, cider or beer, he added.

Annat used a lesser known cut called pork collar, which he said cost 60% less than loin steaks, to produce ‘dirty steaks’, where the meat is cooked directly on the coals. He said this particular cut was very underrated, and likened it to a beef rib-eye steak, suggesting that if caterers promoted it as such they would probably sell three times as much.

Annat also recommended that wood is used as a barbecue fuel "little and often", and that different woods could be used together, such as cherry and hickory.

Music courtesy of Glenn Jones - A Geranium for Mano-A-Mano (Free Music Archive)

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