High recognition for Red Tractor among children

Red Tractor Assurance reported that more than half of schoolchildren recognise and understand the Red Tractor Logo.

A study by the British Nutrition Federation (BNF) found that, out of the 13,100 children who took part, 68% of 11- to 14-year-olds and the same percentage of 14– to 16-year-olds understood what the Red Tractor logo represented. In addition, 62% of 8- to 11-year-olds also recognised that the logo indicated food that had been produced safely in the UK to certain standards.

Red Tractor Assurance brand executive Georgina Park said: “The results are very encouraging. Getting children to understand where their food comes from and how it is produced is so important. Recognising the Red Tractor logo from a young age will influence their shopping habits in later years and close the gap between knowledge and action.

“Given that recognition levels are so high, it makes sense for school caterers to use the logo on menus to help children easily identify meals that have been made from ingredients which meet Red Tractor standards. It’s particularly pertinent this year, given the government’s review of school meals and the publication of the School Food Plan, which will result in free school meals for infants from this September. Red Tractor Week also falls in September (14-21), when publicity for the logo will be at an all time high.”

Park added that education remained high on the agenda: “We have a host of free teaching materials to support schools, including quizzes and colouring sheets to raise awareness of Red Tractor and the standards it represents. The recent research shows that our hard work is paying off; we hope to continue to positively influence children around issues such responsible sourcing, animal welfare and the environment.”

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