New school meal rules good news for pig industry

New rules allowing schools in England to serve up sausages more often has been welcomed by the pig industry.

As of January 2015, primary and secondary schools will be able to serve sausages as part of school meals once a week, compared with the old rules which only allowed sausage meals once a fortnight.

The news has been welcomed by the pig industry and Bpex foodservice manager Tony Goodger, who was involved in the consultation process, said: “I gave evidence as part of the consultation and had conversations with those behind the new rules to put the industry’s position.

“There has also been another change, in that the rules now define exactly what constitutes meat and poultry, which will also be to our benefit.”

Other school meal rules coming into to effect in January include; at least three different fruits and three different vegetables are to be served each week, and no more than two weekly portions of food that has been deep-fried.

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