Moy Park adds new instruction label on chickens

Moy Park is printing ‘No need to wash’ labels on its whole birds in support of the Food Standard’s Agency (FSA) campaign, ‘Don’t wash your chicken’.

The FSA campaign was the centre of its Food Safety Week, which ran from 16 - 22 June, when the ‘no need to wash’ labels were introduced. The FSA decided to run with the campaign after a survey indicated that 44% of people wash raw chicken before cooking, potentially spreading harmful bacteria, such as campylobacter, around the kitchen.

Ursula Lavery, Moy Park technical director Europe, said: “We are proud to be one of the first poultry companies to promote the ‘No need to wash’ message on the front of the pack.

“Our research confirms that consumers know chicken is perfectly safe when cooked and prepared properly, and that any unfriendly bacteria is killed during the cooking process. The aim of this label is to provide a clear message to consumers that raw chicken does not need to be washed in the home.

“We have also produced a video and leaflet for consumers on how to prepare and cook chicken safely,” she concluded.

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