Tulip seeks closer working relationship with suppliers

Food producer Tulip has launched a new campaign which aims to work closer with suppliers and share expertise.

Tulip said last year’s ‘horsegate’ scandal meant consumer confidence was low and needed to be built up, Group technical director Gayna Quinn said working together with suppliers was the best way to make the process “as effective and efficient as possible”.

In a special event, Tulip brought together over 150 suppliers for the first time to launch the ‘Winning together’ campaign. Chief executive Chris Thomas told the audience: “The post-recession landscape delivers a number of challenges to our industry, but more importantly, it affords a fantastic opportunity for those organisations, like Tulip, that are genuinely prepared to start thinking and behaving in a very different way.

“We now operate in a marketplace where value and quality are a given; we know we can only differentiate ourselves from our competitors and deliver growth in our market if we truly understand what consumers want and are able to translate that knowledge into exciting formats that anticipate and meet their needs.

“We have a tremendous amount of expertise across our supply base and we want to work much more collaboratively with key suppliers to ensure we harness that in the best possible way.

“Winning Together is about exactly that. We are being very honest and open about our intention to reduce our supply base and that the big winners will be those suppliers which genuinely want to enter into sustainable long-term partnerships that ultimately help Tulip to achieve its vision.”

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