Faccenda raises lowest pay beyond minimum wage

Employees on the minimum wage at Faccenda Foods have seen their wages rise 0.69p per hour, a move that has been welcomed by its trade union.

The current minimum wage stands at £6.31 per hour. However, Faccenda Foods, which boasts a turnover of £400m, said it has raised its minimum wage to £7 per hour. Faccenda currently employs 3,000 people across the UK and the new wage applies to the 5% of its employees paid £7 per hour or less, including apprentices and employees under 21.

Commenting on the pay guarantee, Faccenda Foods managing director Andy Dawkins said: “Fair pay is fundamental to Faccenda Foods’ commitment to providing a great experience to our customers. Only a highly skilled, motivated workforce that takes responsibility for the food they produce can provide the consumer with innovative, high-quality fresh and convenience food every day.”

The move has been welcomed by the GMB Union, which has worked “closely” with Faccenda Foods for 12 years. Union organiser Stuart Richards said: “It’s great to see a major food manufacturing business taking this stance and it is one of the reasons we have had such a strong working relationship with Faccenda Foods for many years.”

Despite being under the national living wage of £7.65 per hour, Faccenda Foods said the majority of those on the new £7 wage will progress to higher wages. “Only 5% of employees at Faccenda are paid £7 per hour as a basic rate and the majority of these will have move on to higher rates in three to six months,” said HR and communications director Andrew Brodie.

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