A shot in the foot?

norman bagleyWell, well, how to misjudge the public mood! Unison, having spent weeks scaremongering the public about threats to public health by those awful abattoirs who would knowingly ignore oceans of contamination on carcases now look as if they have shot themselves and their members slap bang in the foot.

They have clearly demonstrated over staffing as the industry operated virtually without interruption. Not that over staffing of inspectors is news to the industry or that MHIs can be replaced by better and more flexible use of contract meat inspectors and vets.

They were also arrogant enough to reject an offer which is higher than any other civil service group has been offered at a time when most right thinking civil servants have accepted modern terms a condition with realistic aspirations and common sense. But not Unison, ignorant of the fact that the average consumer knows that fresh meat produced in controlled premises in the UK is as sure to be as safe as anything they are likely to buy anywhere.

To make matters worse it is becoming clear that even Unison’s own members don’t rate their representation, a fact borne out by Unison member numbers across the FSA having fallen as an indication of reduced confidence in the union’s ability to deliver results.

Surely now is the time for FSA to reform their inspectors terms and conditions to bring them in line with all other civil servants who have already done so. Threats of strikes based on unjustified scaremongering have been found out for what they are.

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