Westaways introduces frozen sausage range

Westaways Sausages is launching a new range of cook-from-frozen Traditional British Pork Sausages, which it claims will help minimise food waste.

The company said the range has been developed with convenience in mind, as the sausages can be cooked from frozen, meaning they are always on hand as well as having a longer shelf-life. The products are also free-flow packaged in a resealable bag for freshness.

The bangers, produced in the West Country, are ‘mince and mix butcher’s style’ sausages with a minimum meat content of 76%, made with farm-assured pork and natural casings.

Westaway Sausages managing director Charles Baughan said: “Our new cook-from-frozen Traditional British Pork Sausages provide retailers with a great-tasting range that has been produced with quality and convenience for the customer in mind.”  

The sausages were originally developed for the export market, and Westaways said they were very successful in that sector. The sausage recipe won ‘Export Sausage of the Year’ category in Bpex’s Foodservice Sausage of the Year competition last year. They are now available for the retail market in two sizes – 600g packs of 10 or 900g packs of 15.  

Baughan went on to explain how the range reduces food waste: “Not only do the sausages deliver on quality and taste, they also provide consumers with a convenient option that helps minimise food waste in the home. In the UK, seven million tonnes of food and drink is thrown away every year; this is mainly due to people preparing too much food or not using ingredients before the use-by date.

“Frozen sausages naturally have a longer use-by date, which helps to prevent unnecessary wastage and our resealable packaging allows consumers to cook the exact number of sausages they need at any given time and keep the rest for a later date.”
Westaways said it will be supporting the product launch with the strapline: ‘Great Food; Taste It, Don’t Waste It’.

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