Eblex points to domestic opportunity for fifth-quarter products

As reported by Doctor Phil Hadley, senior regional manager at Eblex, as the export market for fifth-quarter products is growing, a market in the UK has opened up for small processors, which should not be missed.

Eblex, the beef and lamb levy board for England, has published its ‘The Use of Animal By-Products’ report, which revealed that more products are now eligible for human consumption. However, more than 72kg per bovine animal and 8kg per sheep is being disposed as Specified Risk Material (SRM) which could be used in the fifth-quarter market.

The report highlighted how an improved production management system could help ‘harvest’ these fifth-quarter products.  

Christine Walsh, Eblex supply chain development manager and report author, said: “Our research highlighted that some smaller processors are potentially missing out on the use of animal by-products by disposing of some category one material, which is actually suitable for the food chain or other outlets.

“A number of the larger companies are exporting more fifth-quarter products, which has left a gap in the domestic market. This gap could be filled by smaller processors with the flexibility and time to re-visit their day-to-day business operations to examine how they may be able to maximise these opportunities.

“Part of Eblex’s work is to help add value to the supply chain. Using the report’s findings as a starting point, we can help identify ways for processors to make fuller use of the carcase to help maximise returns, while reducing disposal costs.”

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