New venison brand to carry species code

With the popularity of venison growing, British Wild, a new seasonal venison brand hopes to offer consumers a “unique opportunity to know what they are eating”.

The newest venison brand to the market will carry a “species code” on its labelling. The code follows the deer from the wild through the supply chain to the British Wild factory, providing full traceability for its consumers. Moreover, British Wild reported it allows consumers the opportunity to try a range of different types of deer.

British Wild reported venison will be be sourced from all species of deer during the legal shooting seasons and will not be available outside this time. Unlike other venison brands, it will not be supplement by imported venison.

Nigel Sampson, director of Holme Farmed Venison and chairman of the British Deer Farms and Parks Association explained how he hoped this would reduce venison imports into the country: “We see this all as a win-win situation, as British Wild will supplement our farmed season, thereby making more farmed venison available when wild is out of season, therefore reducing the imports to the UK of imported product at the same time as managing a natural resource. It’s great to be working with new partners in this initiative and we hope it will be a great success.”

Sales of venison have soared over 400% between 2013 and 2014, according to Kantar Worldpanel, and Sampson said the industry could exploit this even further: “There has long been an outcry in the industry that we’re not making the most of native wild deer in Britain.

“British Wild is something we have been planning for a few years, and it has taken us time to put together a trusted network of good suppliers from the game trade to the trained hunter, to offer guarantees about quality in process with every step. We’re now able to offer a sustainably sourced and seasonal quality wild venison.
“Since we started talking about “British Wild”, we have had a lot of interest, both from the game and shooting community, as well as the retail and catering sectors. Creating a sustainable market for wild venison is something all parties want to support and promote.”

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