Butcher’s reports rise in sales for T-bone steaks

Shropshire butcher’s G N Badley & Sons has reported a resurgence in the T-bone steak with an increase in requests from the foodservice sector.

The butcher’s reported it sells £150-worth of T-bone steaks to the foodservice sector in London every few months, while supplying “tens of restaurants” across the country compared to a handful five years ago.

Managing director Simon Badley said: “It really is very much back in the forefront of people’s minds now. We are supplying to more and more restaurants and it seems to be growing in popularity again.

“Restaurants across Shropshire order around 100 T-bone steaks every month in total and it is clear when you read things like restaurant reviews and menu relaunches, this is something people are thinking about again.”

Badley put the reasoning behind the resurgence down to American influence in the foodservice sector and the lifting of the ban on meat on the bone following the BSE crisis. Badley said consumers got out of the habit of buying T-bone steaks, but were now “ready to get back into the delicacy”.

Badley concluded: “It could be due to the ever-increasing American influence in our society.

“British people have stuck to fillet or sirloin steak for so long, but see the sizzlers in America and the range of meat on offer there, including the obsession with the rump steak.

“As with our language and industries such as film and music, I believe this is another area of our culture that is having a US influence.”

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