Eblex gains marketing boost for lamb from EU

Eblex has announced it will receive a £6.17m boost for a co-marketing campaign set to encourage more people in Europe to cook with lamb.

Eblex, alongside Irish meat board, Bord Bía and Interbev, has been awarded the fund from the EU Commission after campaigning for the recognition of sheep meat as an eligible product for funding. The campaign aims to tackle declining sheep meat consumption and production and to increase consumer purchases of sheep meat products by 5%.

Nick Allen, sector director for Eblex, commented: “This is fantastic news for sheep meat producers and a lot of hard work has been undertaken to get us here.”

The campaign, set to last three years, will see an annual investment of £1.19m made by Eblex, Bord Bía and Interbev, which will be matched by the EU in England, Ireland, France, Belgium, Germany and Denmark.

“Major European sheep meat-producing countries have a shared interest in working together to tackle the decline in sheep meat consumption. We can achieve more together and this agreement from the EU is testament to that.

“With the EU matching our investment, it means we can punch above our weight and reach more consumers with the work we do, with the overall aim of stimulating demand for sheep meat.

“If we can raise demand across the category, it is good for all concerned,” Allen concluded.

Eblex commented on good working relations between itself and its French and Irish counterparts, using as an example the Agneau Presto campaign in France, which has been running for the past six years.

The funding, announced at the Sial exhibition in Paris, will help towards targeting the 25- to 45-year-old age group and encompass online communications, work with food bloggers and journalists, in-store merchandising, incentives for butchers and print advertising.

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