Faccenda embarks on campylobacter prevention trials

Poultry processor Faccenda Foods is launching full-scale trials of the campylobacter prevention technology SonoSteam, it has announced.

Faccenda is investing in campylobacter reduction with the trials, which will take place at its headquarters in Brackley, commencing November 2014.

The company explained that the technology kills campylobacter and other micro-organisms on the skin and internal cavity of chickens, through the simultaneous application of both steam and ultrasound. The steam apparently kills the micro-organisms and the ultrasound optimises the effect, meaning the process time required is only 1.5 seconds.

Managing director of Faccenda Andy Dawkins said: “The SonoSteam technology is revolutionary in the fight against the risk of food infection. We believe SonoSteam can deliver a significant reduction in the number of cases of campylobacter food-borne infections attributed to chicken and will lead the way in setting industry standards.”

Faccenda will invest over £1 million on the technology if the tests prove successful. The Food Standards Agency (FSA) has announced that it welcomes these developments. FSA chief executive Catherine Brown said: “This commitment from Faccenda is welcomed by the FSA as another important step towards reducing the risks posed by campylobacter.

“Faccenda has worked proactively to deliver the ‘Roast in the Bag’ initiative and this is another step in finding an effective intervention for the reduction of campylobacter levels in poultry meat. The FSA is supporting the trials at Faccenda and will provide an independent evaluation of the SonoSteam performance.”

Trials with SonoSteam have already taken place earlier in the year, leading to the introduction of the imminent full-scale trials.

SonoSteam vice-president Niels Krebs added: “We have worked closely with Faccenda on developing the technology to this point and we are confident that the next stage will demonstrate the effectiveness of this innovative approach.”

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