Poultry body presents 2020 Vision

The British Poultry Council (BPC) has released its manifesto, laying out its ‘2020 Vision’, as well as its calls for government assistance in ensuring the “continuing success of the British poultry meat industry”.

The BPC’s 2020 Vision is for growth in the value of UK poultry meat year on year, including exports; growth in employment in the sector; UK-wide recognition of poultry as a lean and nutritious meat that should be part of the national diet; poultry to remain affordable for British families; and finally, a decline in levels of campylobacter.

The BPC said poultry accounts for almost half of all meat eaten in the UK, providing 73,200 jobs and £6 billion in annual sales. To ensure long-term success, it wants the government’s help to create the conditions needed to realise growth and export potential, by, for example, defending industry interests in TTIP negotiations.

It wants the government to secure long-term feed supplies to ensure rearing poultry remains affordable, protecting UK feed wheat supplies, and lowering the reliance on soya feed by urging the EU to remove legislative barriers to the UK on using insect protein in animal feeds. It also wants help from Westminster to promote the dietary benefits and affordability of British poultry meals.

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