Glasgow pork project meets opposition

An ethical food project in Glasgow has come under fire from members of the public after rearing pigs for slaughter in a local park.

Lovacore Glasgow, an ethical, not-for-profit food project, reared the two Gloucester Old Spot pigs in Glasgow’s Queen’s Park. Reuben Chesters, founder of Lovacore Glasgow, said the project would challenge consumer perceptions of meat.

“We aimed this project at what people [who] eat meat think, and getting them to think about how much meat they eat, the quality of the meat they eat, and the impact that has. And also bring it home to people – look your dinner in the eye.”

However, Lovacore experienced a backlash when animal lovers realised the pigs were for slaughter, sparking a petition to save the pigs, that received 1,500 signatures. The Pigs in the Rex protest group also staged a rally at the park in opposition to the proposed slaughter.

One member of the group who posted on the petition said the pigs were much loved by local children and “they have a right to live”.

As well as Lovacore, Chesters also runs a food shop in Glasgow’s south side where he sells local produce, including the meat produced in the park. Chesters said around 100 Lovacore customers pre-ordered the meat, which came in the form of sausages, bacon, ham, belly and chops.

The pigs were slaughtered at an abattoir in Wishaw and butchered by McDougall butcher’s in Cardonald.

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