RATHER THAN taking business away from local butchers, a Surrey-based businesswoman, who has set up a delicatessen and farm shop in her pub, claims her company is helping to drive the business of her independent meat suppliers.

Paula Briscoe, and husband Jon, introduced the farm shop/delicatessen to the Jolly Farmers Food Emporium, targeting demand for locally sourced foods and convenience shopping. Briscoe said: "I realised people, like me, enjoyed buying locally but couldn't because of their working hours. They needed somewhere that opened later than the high street store or independent butcher so they could shop at their convenience."

The pub shop come deli and farmshop, is open between 9.30am and 10pm every day. A second Emporium opened five weeks ago at another of Briscoe's pubs - The Old Wise Owl - in Kingsfold, Sussex.

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