Welfare activists hijack Red Meat Month Twitter account

The ‘Red Meat Month’ campaign being promoted by MP Neil Parish has been hijacked on social media by animal welfare activists.

The @redmeatmonth Twitter account appears to be run by meat.org, a sister website of prominent animal welfare charity PETA, that reports to be “The Website the Meat Industry Doesn’t Want You to See”.

@Redmeatmonth tweeted with a link to the charity’s website: “Red Meat Month: Here’s all you need to know about meat... http://www.meat.org  #redmeatmonth.”

However, PETA director Mimi Bekhechi told Meatinfo the Twitter account was not being run by PETA, but said the charity did “agree with its messaging”.

‘Red Meat Month’ is being promoted by MP Neil Parish, who is encouraging MPs to get behind the initiative to celebrate Britain’s meat and livestock industries, which outraged the charity.

In an open letter to PETA, Parish said it was “only fair” to launch a ‘Red Meat Month’ considering the amount of celebrations for vegetarianism and veganism.

Parish and Bekhechi, director of PETA, were interviewed by the BBC’s Daily Politics show, where Parish likened PETA’s attack on ‘Red Meat Month’ as the equivalent to meat-eaters launching “a war on lentils”.

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