Campylobacter webinar gets to heart of the bug

A successful ‘Cracking down on Campy’ webinar, a joint project between MTJ and the Food Standards Agency (FSA), saw a range of experts discuss what the industry is doing, and needs to do, to combat the bacteria. A recording of the webinar can still be accessed by following the link at the bottom of the story.

National Farmers’ Union (NFU) chief poultry adviser Gary Ford, FSA director of policy Steve Wearne, and Doctor Steve Moore from Faccenda Foods all looked in depth at the steps being taken throughout the supply chain to tackle campylobacter. It was chaired by Meat Trades Journal editor Ed Bedington and was part of an ongoing campaign by MTJ to crack down on campy.

The FSA’s Wearne discussed how the organisation was putting pressure on retailers by publishing quarterly survey results, while it pushed the message that the problem must be dealt with collectively, with “strong partnerships”. He said: “If each of us plays a part, no matter how small, we can win the battle.”

Faccenda’s Moore gave the processor’s outlook, and outlined a number of technological interventions being tested, including SonoSteam, multi-stage washing, neck trimming, and rapid surface chilling.

Finally, speaking about actions taking place at the start of the supply chain, the NFU’s Ford looked at what farmers were doing. He discussed enhanced biosecurity and on-farm testing as just a few of the ways in which producers were attempting to reduce instances of campylobacter.

A full recording of the webinar can be heard by going to

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