Ingredients company introduces curry sauces for meats

Ingredients provider Verstegen has launched a new curry-inspired range of sauces for meat products, allowing butchers to make their own quality curries.

Verstegen’s Kumar’s sauce range comes in six flavours: besengek, butter chicken, vindaloo, rendang, red curry and green curry.

The company has also launched a new range of 870ml spice oils, containing no declarable allergens, MSG or phosphates.

A spokesperson for Verstegen said: “We wanted to offer butchers the chance to provide a curry paste that matches the quality of the meat in their counter. Our Kumar’s curry pastes have been popular with home users and professionals alike, as it allows you to easily create an authentic curry. All of the sauces are gluten-free, contain no MSG, they’re halal-certified and don’t contain any artificial colourings or flavourings.

“So many other sauces offer a compromised flavour, or one that isn’t based upon the dishes origin. With Kumar’s, we use fresh ingredients for all of the most important flavour aspects. Whether it’s fresh lime leaves, galangal root or turmeric, whatever it is that gives your curry a signature flavour, it was used fresh in our recipe.

“So our new Kumar’s retail rack gives butchers a selection of six different curries that are all simple to use and all taste fantastic. You only need to fry your meat, onions and anything else you want to put into your curry, add the sauce and allow to simmer for 10 minutes, then you’re ready to go! All the sauces are very stable so you can add your own touches such as coconut milk, chopped tomatoes, or extra chilli.”

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