Blog discusses halal slaughter

Rizvan Khalid, halal expert and senior director of Shropshire abattoir Euro Quality Lambs, has posted a new blog for entitled “Halal – know your market!”.

Khalid reflects on the recent Eblex Halal Forum and the World Halal Summit (WHS), whilst tackling the complex issue of harmonising halal standards.

He also addresses the subject of halal and welfare standards, claiming that negative connotations have unfairly become associated with the halal market.

Khalid uses the blog to look at what the UK system can learn from New Zealand, emphasising the need for government to allow recovery demonstrations of reversibly-stunned halal animals, as in the southern hemisphere country, “to assure segments of the halal market that the stun does not cause the death of the animal – a fundamental halal criterion”.

To read the blog, click here.

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