AHDB embraces technology as industry’s future

The Agriculture & Horticulture Development Board (AHDB) has launched a new conference in an effort to promote and develop technology in the industry.

SmartAg 2015 will bring together experts of different fields with the aim of understanding what farming can learn from other industries. This will involve the presentation of themed sessions on technical areas such as precision crop and livestock farming, decision support systems, quantum imaging, computer science, and robotics.

Sir Peter Kendall, AHDB chairman, emphasised the need for the industry to look to science and innovation as a means of remaining competitive.

“Smart, high-tech farming is taking off all across the world,” he said. “The UK must be at the forefront of evaluating and adopting the very best techniques to enable the production of more high-quality produce in a sustainable manner.”

SmartAg 2015 will offer the opportunity to preview technological developments and their impact of the industry through technical demonstrations.

“This conference gives us a great opportunity to investigate how new technologies could shape the future of our industry,” said Kendall.

AHDB has announced a number of notable speakers for the event. Ruth Ashfield, head of communications, highlighted the appearance of Professor Salah Sukkarieh, who epitomises the cross-discipline approach the conference is promoting.

“He is a fantastic speaker,” said Ashfield. “His background is in intelligent systems and he has worked in aerospace and mining. He is using that background to develop robotics for farming, which really sums up what we are trying to do.”

SmartAg 2015 will take place on 8 September at the ICC in Birmingham. You can book your place at www.smartag.ahdb.org.uk.

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