Black pudding pakora mislabelled as halal in Aldi stores

Black puddings in Aldi stores across Scotland have been recalled, because a printing error meant they were labelled halal. 

Punjab Pakora, which makes the black puddings, containing pork blood and skin, said the mistake had occurred because every other product it made, mainly Indian-inspired snacks and savouries, was certified halal.

“We have rectified the issue immediately,” said a spokeswoman. “We sincerely apologise to the public who have been affected by this mistake and would like to thank everyone who brought this error to our attention.”

She said the firm was unsure at the moment exactly how many black puddings were wrongly labelled, but said the product recall would prove costly for the business.

Commenting on the mistake, an Aldi spokesperson said: “Regarding the Punjab Pakora “Black Pudding Pakora” (Supplied by Punjab Pakora), we have now investigated this matter with the supplier, who has advised that the packaging was incorrectly labelled as Halal-certified and the problem is currently being rectified.

“We apologise for any confusion caused by this unfortunate, isolated matter. While this is not a food safety or legal compliance issue, any customers who are not satisfied are welcome to return their purchase to store for a full refund.

“As a responsible retailer, we are committed to ensuring that the animals used for our products are reared and slaughtered to the relevant industry standards covering animal welfare.”

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