Linden Foods launches salt moss aged beef range in Marks & Spencer

Linden Foods in Northern Ireland has developed salt moss ageing to produce a salt-aged beef product range for Marks & Spencer. 

The Dungannon-based meat processor is supplying the salt-aged range of fillet steak, rib-eye steak and sirloin to more than 230 M&S stores across the UK.

The beef is dry-aged for a minimum of 28 days in an innovative salt moss chamber cave.

The cave ingredients include Extra Virgin Irish Oriel Sea Salt, Irish Sea Moss and Seaweed Mix using Black Seaweed Salt.

Elaine Willis, head of innovation and business development at Linden Foods, explained the process: “The drier atmosphere within our salt chamber puts a modern twist on the classic method of dry-ageing and creates an even more intense, full-flavoured and succulent eating experience.

“The beef naturally continues to breathe whilst in an anaerobic and naked form. As part of normal respiration, moisture will be exuded from the meat into the chamber’s atmosphere. This humidity within the chill will be attracted to the salt wall by ionization. The wall has a high potassium level instead of sodium. The dry culture within the chill is maintained by the self-managed wall.”

Anna Playfair Hannay, M&S agricultural technologist, added: “The relationship with Linden Foods spans more than 15 years and the team continues to impress us with their innovation and new product development.

“We have collaborated with them to produce the very best salt dry-aged meat, beginning with the animal welfare and working through the manufacturing process to perfecting the master craftsmanship of natural and sustainable salt-ageing.”

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