Bpex publishes guidelines to combat PEDv

A new set of guidelines has been released to help tackle a potential outbreak of porcine epidemic diarrhoea virus (PEDv). 

Produced by pork levy body Bpex, on behalf of the Pig Health and Welfare Council, the specialised guide provides vital information to those in the trade.

Martin Smith, veterinary manager for Bpex, is responsible for co-ordinating the standard operating procedures (SOPs). He explained the benefits of these guides: “In the event of PEDv arriving on our shores, these documents will outline best practice methods of control. They will apply to all producers, either indoor or outdoor, processors, and the entire allied industry. The dozen SOPs will cover dealing with visitors on-site and vehicles, plus one about manure and another dealing with how fallen stock should be handled.”

The first set of SOPs has already been uploaded to the Bpex website, with updates being scheduled as the situation develops.

Smith said: “We are going to be producing a decision tree for producers in the event of an outbreak. It will be a step-by-step guide showing what to do. There will also be flow charts of what information needs to be given to whom and when, and these will be available soon.”

He continued: “Things are slightly different for smallholders, so a booklet is being produced for them, as well as another covering what actions hauliers need to take – the aim is to cover the entire industry.”

Following the success of the disease being controlled in North America, Smith’s strategies are inspired by the achievements in that market. He concluded that by demonstrating good biosecurity, the whole industry would be able to “contain and control PEDv”.

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