Butcher's boy loses arm in mincer

A 15-year-old boy has lost an arm following an accident at a butcher's shop in Oldham, Greater Manchester.

Sam Ashworth, who worked part-time at J&B Fitton Ltd, was stuck in the shop's mincing machine for two hours. Surgeons were called to the store but were unable to save the boy's arm.

Sam is now recovering in hospital and his condition is reported to be stable.

A health & safety investigation is now underway into how the incident occurred, but Sam's father Stephen Ashworth told the BBC he did not blame the owners of the shop

"The people who run the shop are friends of ours and they are distraught at what has happened," he said.

"They have closed the shop as a mark of respect but there is really no need. We would like them to re-open."

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